Welling escorts at the Petting Zoo

My boyfriend is as really nice guy, and loves to look after me. Sometimes when I come home from https://www.londonxcity.com/escorts Welling escorts, I am so tired that I cannot stand on my feet, he picks me up and carries me off to bed like a little koala. It is a great feeling and I feel all taken care off. One of my favorite animals have always been a koala, and I think they are super cute. When my boyfriend carries me off to bed, I pretend that I am his personal little koala and I have even invested in a koala onesie. I wear it after I have had a bath.

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What do I wear underneath my onesie? My friends at www.londonxcity.com/escorts Welling escorts don’t think that there is anything sexy about onesies but I have to disagree. There are tons of ways that you can make a onesie, and it all depends on what you wear underneath. Turning up in a slinky dressing gone can get boring sometimes, and it is nice with a surprise. My boyfriend get massively tuned on when I slowly unzip my outfit and reveal what this sexy little koala is wearing underneat.


All in all, I have a couple of different outfits now, and I like to pretend that we have a day out at the petting zoo. It is a game that we play, and my boyfriend has learned that you treat all of the animals at the petting zoo differently. Some of the pets can be a bit naughty and he has to make sure that he does not rub them up the wrong way. So far, I have not told the girls at Welling escorts about our games as they may think that I am nuts.


Recently, I have been thinking about bringing my little petting zoo in with me to Welling escorts. I date a couple of gents at the agency who may just enjoy meeting some of my pets. Also, when I was in Primark the last time, I saw another couple of outfits that I thought might suit me. As you can probably imagine, I am getting rather into this and I love to play. The truth is that variation is important and I do like to give my gents a little bit of variation.


Now, I am going have to think about what little pet that I can be tonight. Should I be a cuter cuddly koala who loves being cuddled and loved, or should I be a proud lioness which hunts her boyfriend down like a prey. I am going to take a shower as soon as I get in from Welling escorts, put my body lotion on, and see what kind of mood that I am in. I do like roaring with delight when I am with my boyfriend, so perhaps I should be his little lioness tonight. But then again , I could also go for mama  bear who likes to get all of the honey. Mmm, we have to see what I can up with tonight.

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