Escorts Are Naked

I love being naked and not having any clothes, says Brian. Honestly, I cannot see the big deal as we are born with nothing on. But, for some reason, nudity in public and naturism shocks a lot of people. My girlfriend who works for London escorts, is happy to be naked but she cannot understand why I like to go away to naturists camps. It is simple really. When you visit a nudist camp, you are among fellow nudists, or naturists, and we are all doing the same thing. The first weekend break Tina and I had together when she had a couple of days of from London escorts, was at a camp for naturists.

How did I get into being a naturist? Well, it started with walking around with my feet bare all of the time at home. I found that I was getting in touch with myself more and that I felt a lot more grounded. After that, I started to strip off more and more. One day, I just took all of my clothes off when I came home. My wife at the time was not too happy about it, and in the end we broke up. That is when I started to date London escorts. The girls that I met at London escorts did not seem to think that I had a problem.

Now, when Tina has some time off from London escorts, we go away together. There are tons of naturists camps around the UK and Europe. In order to make sure that we are always happy and comfortable, Tina and I go away in my luxury motorhome. When Tina finishes her shift at London escorts on a Friday night, I simply pull up in the motorhome and off we go. It is a really nice lifestyle, and I enjoy it.

Lots of people think that we are into swinging and stuff like that. As a matter of fact, when I first started to date London escorts, many of the girls thought that I was into swinging. I am not going to say that there are not any naturists who are into swinging, but I am not. I just like the fact that I don’t have to wear any clothes and I find it a liberating experience. Most people do think that I am a bit odd, and Tina tells me that some of her friends at London escorts think that she is a bit odd as well for going with me.

I would like more people to get in touch with their natural selves as I like to call. Not all people who are into naturism have stunning and beautiful bodies like Tina. All of the gents at the camps do take an extra look at Tina. They cannot help it, it is after all just human nature and there is precious little you can do about. The ladies don’t say anything about Tina and are totally comfortable and happy around her. It makes me feel good having Tina with me, and I must say that I admire how good she looks when she is naked.

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