Couples Working Together

A couple of years ago when I was still working for London escorts, I got a chance to star in a porn movie. It was made in a London studio and to my surprise, it was a great success. I made some decent money making it, and I even got some offers to leave London escorts and work in Hollywood. Of course, I was sorely tempted but my boyfriend did not want me to go. After all, he was the other half of my success and I did not want to make another movie without him.

Steven worked for a male London best escorts service and was doing really well for himself. He is one of these guys that you like instantly and I think that had helped his career a lot. Let’s put it this way, my dating diary was half way full and his was jam packed. I would have loved to be in his shoes, but I was not. Was I jealous? Not really as I had done well with the movie.

We went over to the States on a holiday. We both needed some time away from London escorts. Lots of the girls at the London escorts agency that I had worked said that Las Vegas was a a great vacation spot, so we rent an apartment for a month. During that time, I took a very interesting call. A Las Vegas based porn studio wanted me and Steven to make another movie together. It did not sound very complicated, and as we were in Las Vegas, we jumped at the chance.

The fee that we were paid for the movie paid for the rent of the apartment and then some. It was great and when we got back to London we called it our Las Vegas adventure. We both went back to work at London escorts and started to work again. It felt a bit weird being back at London escorts, but we both got a kick out of meeting up with our favorite dates. The movie came out, and once again, we had managed to star in a successful porno. My boss was a bit surprised and asked me if I was going into the movies. I said not with a giggle but I secretly hoped that I would get another call from the States and the studio that we had worked for.

This time, things changed. I got a call from an agent in Las Vegas who asked if we wanted to continue to make movies together. We had a quick chat, and decided that we would go for it. It was one of those really cold and rainy days in London, and the thought of a sunny Las Vegas was just too much. We both gave up our London escorts careers and became porn stars in Las Vegas. Now we have our own place in Las Vegas and often hear the call “Lights, camera and action”. Well, I never would have thought that we both would become porn stars…

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