Awakened With An Orgasm a

They had taken their supper together, as usual. The wife went to bed to have rest as the husband continued to watch English Premier League match on the TV. After the game was over, he switched off the television and went to the bedroom to join his wife.

His wife was dead asleep. The man was excited because his team had won; this put him in the mood for sex. He did not want to disturb his wife who was already asleep, but he wanted it so badly! He contemplated what to do. He eventually came up with a brilliant idea on how to wake her.

As she slept she started having a wonderful dream. Her husband was spooned behind her, touching her in the most wonderfully arousing way. As she slowly surfaced from sleep, she realized that the dream was real, and that the fire had already started between her legs.

He continued to tease her as he uttered sweet words into her ears. ‘’Honey, I am feeling you tonight. I want to get inside you’’. This made his wife happy. ’’Am all yours’’, she responded softly.

The man continued to caress her, and she twisted around slightly so they could kiss. She could feel herself beginning to cum, and he held onto her tightly as he rubbed her clit faster and faster until she climaxed. He fondled her breasts in a manner that drove her crazy. He continued to touch her clitoris gently, adding some pressure. This made her moan in pleasure. She was sexually stimulated. She was just waiting for penetration into her juicy pot so that she could get total sexual satisfaction.

She removed all her night clothes so that her husband could explore her entire body. The man’s libido was high. He wanted to quench it. He removed his boxer, spread her wife’s legs wide apart and inserted his cock. He penetrated slowly as the wife screamed with pleasure. He then began to pump at increasing speed.

It was time for load moans. The faster he pounded, the more the wife moaned. He switched to different positions, trying to get the best angle for hitting her pussy harder. He finished with doggy style. That allowed him to penetrate her properly. The bedroom was on fire as romping session continued. He fucked her until they reached orgasm together. It was a night she would live to remember.

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